Gay Links – All Posts: Paige Spiranac trolls haters with viral ‘stripper’ video detailing her golf ‘crash and burn’

Paige Spiranac
Photo by Aaron Davidson/Getty Images

The viral golf influencer’s clever satirical video about becoming a stripper is the perfect way to stick it to the haters.

Paige Spiranac has done it again. She dropped a hilarious, satirical video on YouTube that trolls her haters to another level. Her life update video, where she debuts her Sandy Mounds stripper persona, was truly epic.

Spiranac is no stranger to dealing with people judging her brand and her personally. So, instead of letting them win, she put together this video, titled Life Update: My Next Chapter.

It opens with title screens describing how often she’s been asked if she was a golfer or a stripper. She decided to play into that narrative. Spriranac delved into her failures as a professional golfer, detailed how she “crashed and burned.”

So, if her fans think that she can be a stripper, maybe she can.

Spiranac is seen going through the process finding out what her stripper name should be. When she attempts to sound out how to spell magnolia while trying to figure out her stripper name was one of the funniest parts. From her testing names out like Tits McGaven and a few others until she finally settled on Sandy Mounds.

There is a montage of her trying various costumes, getting increasingly scantily clad, but settling on a reasonably typical golf dress was even more genius, saying, “This screams, Sandy Mounds, number one stripper.”

Considering how much she has dealt with online as a golf influencer, this video was the perfect way to stick it to her haters. She also probably had a lot of fun creating this masterpiece of a satire.

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