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Queerty: TV host Simon Atkins will “Ready Set StartUP” your heart with his seriously sexy Instagram snaps

TV presenter Simon Atkins is ready to get things started (up).

Atkins currently hosts Amazon’s new reality competition series Ready Set StartUP, which just premiered in the UK after launching at Cannes earlier this week.

In the series, ten up-and-coming entrepreneurs battle it out in front of a panel of judges for $100,000 to launch their business ventures. Think Shark Tank but British and with a supercute gay Irish Burmese host.

Prior to hosting Ready Set StartUP, Adkins appeared in the BBC Three doc My Big Gay Jewish Conversion, where he explored converting to Judaism and whether it would validate a union between him and his boyfriend in the eyes of God, and he co-hosted the podcast “Eat. Rave. Rest. Repeat.”

In addition to all that, he’s worked as a producer on the UK version of The Bachelor, as well as a slew of other British reality shows and TV specials.

When he’s not busy working on various different projects, Adkins is traveling the world (usually to warm, tropical destinations) and posting seriously sexy snaps to his Instagram page. Which is why you clicked on this post in the first place, isn’t it?

Without any further ado, scroll down for a sampling from Adkin’s Instagram page and check out Ready Set StartUP on Prime Video in the UK…


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