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Queerty: Quiz: Can we guess what kind of underwear you’re wearing?

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Happy young men of different body types standing together in underwear

Most gays have strong memories associated with walking down the men’s underwear aisle. And that’s led many of us to have an obsession of sorts over our undies collection and a sexual curiosity about what others are sporting.

That’s because underwear is (or should be) a crucial part of any guy’s wardrobe. Whether you’re trying to pick up a hottie at the bar or just want to feel confident and sexy, your choice of underwear can make a big difference.

No matter if you’re a commando risk-taker, a skimpy briefs boy, or a jockstrap enthusiast, we want to celebrate your unique style…so, let’s play a little game!

Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to strip down to prove it (unless you’re into that sort of thing). But, we do have a challenge that will put your intimate fashion sense to the test.

That’s right, we’re about to put our psychic powers to the test and guess what kind of underwear you like to wear.

Are you feeling daring enough to take us up on this challenge?

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