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LGBTQ Nation: QAnon mom’s horrifying conversation with her queer daughter goes viral

A queer stand-up comedian who goes by Hannah on TikTok has gone viral with a video showing a conversation between her and her QAnon-believing mother. QAnon is an outlandish right-wing conspiracy theory.

In the video, Hannah asks her mother what she wants for Mother’s Day. The conversation, she says, took place the day before Mother’s Day.

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“Just tell me you’re straight and you’re gonna have kids,” the mother responds. “That’s all I want.”

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The daughter says just that but the mother is skeptical: “Are you telling the truth or….”

“If you told it to me, it better be true,” the mother says as she starts to ramble. “I mean, like, can you swear on God or are you like a God-less socialist and then I can’t believe what you’re saying because you’re not afraid of God and you probably could be lying but you might be telling the truth but it’s Mother’s Day so if you lie on Mother’s Day that’s really bad, you better be telling me the truth.”

The daughter notes that it’s not yet Mother’s Day, and her mother shouts, “I knew it! I knew you tryna look for a loophole!”

“Alright, tomorrow, call me and tell me you’re straight and you’re gonna have children with a guy that I would approve of, otherwise I’m not getting a Mother’s Day present and that’s really not fair.”

Hannah suggests flowers and her mother tells her to shave her armpits.

According to Karl Pillemer, a professor of human development at Cornell University, 27% of Americans over the age of 18 had cut off contact with a family member, and he said that many people are pained by the lack of a relationship. The most common family relationship to end for Americans was the one with a parent or a child. And a study in the U.K. found that LGBTQ+ young adults were over twice as likely as non-LGBTQ+ people to say that they were not close with family members.

QAnon is the conspiracy theory that states there is a vast, secret, international cabal of pedophilic Satan worshippers where famous people like Tom Hanks and Hillary Clinton eat babies. It’s ridiculous, but the Public Religion Research Institute found that 16% of Americans say they believed it in 2021. Republicans are more likely to believe in QAnon than Democrats.

Hannah posted another video where she shared text messages from her mother after her mother found her standup comedy on YouTube. The mother said she is hanging out with “degenerate garbage” and said her daughter “broke my heart and destroyed me mentally.”

“Stay close to God and be ethical and have dignity,” she wrote, then called and tried to get her to meet with a pastor for “counseling.” The mother then called her daughter “manipulative.”

In other texts, the mother tells her daughter to find a straight man so she doesn’t end up with a bunch of cats.

“Please adjust accordingly,” the mother wrote.

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