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Queerty: Sarah Huckabee Sanders says all are welcome in Arkansas… as long as they’re cis, hetero & Republican

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Political nepo baby Sarah Huckabee Sanders went on right wingnut Dan Bongino’s podcast this week, where she talked about how people from blue states, California in particular, have been flocking to Arkansas over the past few years because it’s such a wonderful utopia for people with conservative values.

“Our economy is strong. Our state is doing well. And you know what? We don’t let the government dictate every minute and every second of your life here in our state,” the gay-hating governor said. “We believe not only in individual and personal freedom, but in making sure we do things that protect those freedoms.”

This, of course, is completely false.

Not only is Arkansas the fourth poorest state in the nation with a mounting affordable housing crisis and massive food insecurity, but since taking office in January, Sanders has signed several different laws controlling people’s behavior–from banning books and the gender-neutral term “Latinx”, to policing what bathrooms trans and nonbinary people can use, to restricting teachers from talking about race, sexual orientation, or gender identity in the classroom.

Now, here comes the kicker.

Speaking to Bongino, Sanders continued, “We have seen people from all over the country, blue states in particular, flooding into our state.”

She went on to say that, while running for governor, she traveled to all 75 counties in Arkansas and, in every single one, she met people who had moved there from out of state.

“Predominantly California,” she claimed. “And the message I gave them was very simple. Welcome to Arkansas. Don’t forget why you left California.”

Sanders added that she’s “excited” to welcome more people into the state–provided they are cisgender, straight, preferably white, Christian, and Republican.

“Our door is open,” she said. “We’re going to keep taking them as long as they remember why they left those blue states in the first place.”

Here’s how people, including many residents of Arkansas, responded when Sanders shared a soundbite from her interview with Bongino on Twitter today…

Yesterday, Sanders declared it “National Day of Prayer” in Arkansas and called for all citizens to get down on their knees and pray.

“Public prayer is a long-standing and significant tradition of American history,” she said in a press release. “Now, therefore, I, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, acting under the authority vested in me as Governor of the State of Arkansas, do hereby proclaim May 4th, 2023, as National Day of Prayer in Arkansas and urge the citizens of the state to recognize this event and participate fittingly in its observance.”

Hmmmm. What was that Sanders just said about “individual and personal freedom” and not letting the government “dictate every minute and every second of your life” again?