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Queerty: Aye-aye, captain: Ranking the 9 hottest Captain Hooks from film and TV

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Image Credits: ‘Peter Pan,’ Universal Pictures (left) | ‘Pan,’ Warner Bros. (Center) | ‘Come Away,’ Relativity Media (right)

For over 100 years, the magical Peter Pan has been whisking audiences away to Neverland, and has remained a timeless symbol for adventure, freedom, and childhood innocence.

But for as long as he’s been soaring over the London skyline, he’s had a nemesis by the name of Captain Hook, a mischievous pirate who, in turn, represents both the allure and the danger of adulthood. And… that makes him kind of sexy, no?

Originally created by J.M. Barrie in the early 1900s, both characters have since appeared in their fair share of adaptations, particularly from Disney, which this weekend released the new, live-action film Peter Pan & Wendy on Disney+.

Here, the fearsome Captain Hook is played by silver screen heartthrob Jude Law under a big, ratty, grey wig and some crusty makeup, further complicating our feelings for the villain. Are we supposed to think Hook is hot, or not?

Over the decades, it seems different filmmakers have wildly different ideas about that very question, which inspired us to take a deep dive investigation into the character’s past.

And with that, we present to you: A look back at some of our most notable live-action Captain Hooks, ranking them from “would feed them to a crocodile without a second thought” to “would gladly spend all night in their Captain’s Quarters, if you know what we mean.”