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Queerty: This hunky TikToker just can’t find pants that fit, and we hope he never does

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Austin Martin shirtless in a mirror selfie
credit: Instagram

Finding pants that fit you correctly can be a nightmare. But watching this TikToker find pants that fit him? That’s a dream come true.

Austin Martin is a fitness influencer with content on Instagram, TikTok, and — yes — OnlyFans. Martin’s what SZA would call a big boy, standing at 6’4” and weighing in at around 250 pounds. On March 24, he posted a cry for help to TikTok.

“My name is Austin, and I have never been able to find pants that fit me right,” he says before backing up to show the camera his physique. “I have pretty big legs, I’ve got a pretty big behind, and it’s just never worked out for me.”

He complains that pants are always either too baggy or too tight, showing the camera both extremes as he jumps to get into his jeans.


Episode 1 of my journey to finding pants that fit. My allergies are out of control

? original sound – Austin Martin

Immediately, the comments section proved that this series was half about Martin finding the perfect fit, and half about the moments where he’s wearing no pants at all. Commenters wrote, “I identify as pants,” “Tight ones are just fine,” “Try me on,” and “Cake is my favorite food.” 

Clearly, Martin didn’t mind, and the series began in earnest. In his first attempt, Martin brings us with him to the changing room at Target. He goes through joggers, dress pants, and athletic jeans. Nothing fits to Martin’s standards, so it’s on to the next store.


Target attempt. Thought this would be the best place to start

? original sound – Austin Martin

Next, Martin checks out Gap, going for some straight-cut pants that fit him better than expected, prompting a happy dance in the mirror. But there’s still a little too much room around the waist — the search continues.


Replying to @genemaci22 straight cut from the gap.. definitely not what I was expecting

? Sunroof – Nicky Youre & dazy

In the next episode, Martin heads to Marshalls. None of the pants were working for Martin — but his underwear certainly was.

“I don’t understand why pants need to be worn,” one commenter wrote. Truly an inspired idea.


I will be back for another round

? original sound – Austin Martin

Finally, we come to the series finale. Martin’s trying out a new brand: Bonobos. “It’s about as good as you can get without having them tailored,” he says. “I guess the series might be over!

“Thanks a lot Bonobos for ending this series,” one commenter wrote with a side-eye emoji. But all is not lost! Despite being happy with the Bonobos pants, Austin is continuing producing changing-room content.

How could he say no to his fans?

And even if the series were over, Martin has plenty of other content for thirsty fans to enjoy:


New business idea. How much should I charge

? Aces (Sped Up Version) – dkj & sped up nightcore


Embarrased. Ill try again next week haha

? Showw the Worlddd – ABAH IMY


Replying to @jkreel3920 its still up for debate

? Here with Me (Live) – Rizal Fahmi


A few dinner rolls never hurt anyone #gym

? Pour It Up – Mike WiLL Made-It