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Queerty: Gays are posting pictures of their thicc thighs all over Twitter, & we’re not complaining

Muscular man wearing a black backwards hat and a black tank-top with short black shorts.

The challenge was tweeted out early Saturday afternoon: “Men, show off your thicc thighs.”

The gays most certainly obliged, and we have the photographic evidence.

A Twitter user named “Mx. Gary” posted that “Men. DO NOT. Have. Big. Thighs,” complete with an angry red-faced emoji. While the tweet reads as a declarative statement, it’s apparent that “Mx. Gary” was soliciting shots of gorgeous glutes and heart-palpitating hamstrings.

Twitter Gays™ were determined to disprove their supposed doubters, and eager to show some skin.

What brave souls!

All kidding aside, gays go crazy for meaty thighs. Take Nick Jonas, for example. While gays salivate over every part of his perfect body, his thighs steal their hearts.

That was apparent when he released the music video to “What A Man Gotta Do,” in which he’s singing sans pants to recreate Tom Cruise’s leggy routine from the 1983 film Risky Business.

Jonas’ gorgeous gluteus maximus caused an online frenzy.

The power of thicc thighs has been deployed in the world of politics as well. Last year, a pro-LGBTQ+ Senate candidate used his bulging thighs to troll Josh Hawley and rake in record donations.

Justice Horn, chair of the Kansas City LGBTQ Commission, often boasts about his thighs on social media.

“I truly believe my body is beautiful and, not that I need their approval, but plenty of men have told me so,” he told Queerty. “I think all of our bodies are beautiful in our own ways and, trust me, there’s someone who loves your body type and the beautiful soul that occupies it out there!”

There is some statistical evidence that gays actually prefer a men’s legs compared to other parts of the body. A 2021 survey of 102 gay men found that 37 percent of respondents prefer a bigger lower body, and 48 percent like to see an athletic upper body paired with a strong butt.

For comparison’s sake, 32 percent of respondents said they prefer a bigger upper body, and only 20 percent lust after a huge upper body with a weak butt.

Meanwhile, only 25 percent of straight women said they prefer men with bigger lower bodies, and that’s fine with us. They can scout the bros in board shorts, while we gush over the hotties in 5-inch inseams.

Speedo season is right around the corner! And if these tweets are any indication, the gays are ready.

Scroll down for some more shots of all the thicc thigh goodness…