Gay Links – All Posts: Of course $1 hot dog night at the Phillies game turned into a giant food fight

Never changy, Philly.

I don’t envy anyone in marketing for a Philadelphia sports team who has to think of a promotional night. The biggest concern for most teams would be “will people like this?” whereas in Philly there has to be very real forethought given to “will people throw these?”

Well, on Tuesday it was the coveted $1 Hot Dog Night for the Phillies, and … well.

Everyone’s throwing hot dogs. The “here come the pretzels” moment has come to life.

— Sixto Lezcano (@mleif) April 12, 2023

You can very clearly hear someone say “it’s a food fight,” with dozens of hot dogs flying in the stands. With the dogs only being $1 it was easily worth it for some people to stock up on throwable sausages, and this went on for a while.

Another video, closer to the action, gives you a real sense of how it was.

Lots of flying dogs

— Hoagie The Dog (@Jrog1122) April 12, 2023

This seems friendly, and to be honest a little benign. This was less of a malicious food fight, and more of a giant stadium-wide pot luck — assuming everyone brought hot dogs. A lot of fans were simply throwing wrapped dogs from one section to each other, feeding their fellow fan for a paltry amount.

The only downside was stocking up on more throwables — which took forever.

The lines for the first Dollar Dog Night of the season are insaaaane

— NBC Sports Philadelphia (@NBCSPhilly) April 11, 2023

Never change, Philadelphia.

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