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How to preorder Samsung’s just announced lineup of Galaxy Book3 laptops

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A Samsung Galaxy Book3 Ultra, Book3 Pro 360, and Book3 Pro.There are three new versions of the Galaxy Book3.

Samsung; Les Shu/Insider

  • On Wednesday, Samsung revealed the Galaxy Book3, their new series of premium PC laptops.
  • Samsung is offering three different versions of the Galaxy Book3: The Book3 Pro, Book3 Pro 360, and Book3 Ultra.
  • The Galaxy Book3 Pro models go on sale February 17, but preorders for all models are available now.

On Wednesday, Samsung held their yearly Unpacked event, where they showcased a variety of new products — including the Galaxy Book3, their new line of high-end Windows 11 laptops.

This lineup includes a high-performance Ultra model, the incredibly thin Book3 Pro, and convertible laptop/tablet hybrid Book3 Pro 360. All three models include 3K OLED screens, a lot of ports, and the ability to work seamlessly with Galaxy smartphones.

The Book3 looks and feels a lot like an Apple laptop — in fact, the Book3 Pro bears an uncanny resemblance to the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Here’s a look at each model.

Samsung Galaxy Book3 Ultra

The Book3 lineup’s top-tier model is the Galaxy Book3 Ultra. It boasts a 16-inch OLED screen, a powerful Intel Core processor (you can choose between an i7 and i9), and — most impressively — an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series graphics card.

All these specs signal that Samsung is definitely aiming the Book3 Ultra at creative professionals, like graphic designers and filmmakers. The CPU and GPU are more than enough to run intensive apps like Photoshop or Premiere, even at the same time. 

The RTX 40 GPU should also make it a fantastic gaming laptop. You’ll be able to run intensive games like Elden Ring or Dead Space with no issue. And if you combine the laptop with a good internet connection, it’ll be a great livestreaming machine.

A Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro laptop.The Book3 Pro comes in the smallest size.

Samsung; Les Shu/Insider

The downside is that since the CPU and GPU are both so powerful, they take a lot of energy to run. Samsung claims the battery can last up to 17 hours, but keep on the lookout for that in coming reviews. They do come with a “compact fast charging adapter,” which Samsung claims can charge the laptop up to 55% within 30 minutes.

The Book3 Ultra is the heaviest laptop of the trio, coming in at about four pounds. But for that weight, you’ll get a full keyboard (including a numpad), up to a terabyte of solid state storage, and a variety of ports, including a built-in microSD reader. It’s also got an HD webcam, stereo microphone, and speaker with subwoofer.

Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro 360

The Galaxy Book3 Pro 360 is a laptop/tablet hybrid. This means that you can use the device as a standard laptop, or fold the screen and keyboard together to use it as a tablet.

To accomplish this, the Pro 360’s 16-inch screen is also a touchscreen. The system comes with an included stylus called the S Pen, which works with both the Book3 and Galaxy smartphones.

A Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro laptop.The Book3 Pro comes in the smallest size.

Samsung; Les Shu/Insider

It also includes up to 32GB of RAM, and up to 1TB of solid state storage. Depending on your budget, you can buy the Pro 360 with an Intel Core i5 processor, or an i7. But unlike the Book3 Ultra, there’s no dedicated graphics card — you’ll be using integrated Intel graphics, which aren’t nearly as powerful, especially for gaming.

This model would be a good choice for students, or creatives who need to stay mobile while working.

Note: Although they didn’t highlight it during the Unpacked conference, Samsung is also offering a slightly downgraded version of the Book3 Pro 360 just called the Book3 360. It has nearly all the same features as the Pro 360, but has a smaller screen, less battery life, and the S Pen doesn’t come included.

Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro

Of the three models, the Galaxy Book3 Pro is Samsung’s budget option. It comes in two different sizes, 14-inch or 16-inch, although both screen sizes still have 3K resolutions.

A Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro laptop.The Book3 Pro comes in the smallest size.

Samsung; Les Shu/Insider

When it comes to internal specs, the Book3 Pro is nearly identical to the Book3 Pro 360. You can buy it with up to 32GB of RAM, up to 1TB of solid state storage, and an integrated Intel GPU. But unlike the Pro 360, it doesn’t have a touchscreen, and can’t be folded into a tablet.

Pricing and availability

The Galaxy Book3 Pro starts at $1450 for the 14-inch model, and $1550 for the 16-inch model. The Book3 Pro 360 starts at $1700. Both models will go on sale on February 17, although you can preorder either one starting today.

The Book3 Ultra, meanwhile, starts at $2200. There’s no confirmed release date yet, but you can sign up for “Early Access” — essentially the same thing as a preorder — from Samsung’s website.

Whichever model you order, you can also save 10% on your purchase by bundling it with a new Galaxy S23 smartphone. That’s in addition to the Samsung Credit you earn whenever you buy a new Galaxy smartphone from their website.

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