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Republicans Have a Higher Opinion of Jews Than Democrats Do

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Republicans have a more favorable opinion of Judaism than Democrats do, according to a YouGov poll released last month.

Republicans by 23 net points said they have a favorable opinion of Judaism, the poll found. Democrats had a favorable opinion of Judaism only by single digits—9 points. When it came to Orthodox Judaism specifically, Republicans had a 13-point net favorability rating. Democrats on the whole have an unfavorable view of Orthodox Judaism, by 3 points.

The finding is “not surprising,” Center for the Future of Liberal Society associate director Mike Watson noted on Twitter—though it “doesn’t quite fit the media narrative.” Even as anti-Semitic attacks in the United States are at record highs, Democratic officials last year rallied with anti-Israel speakers, while left-leaning universities saw a “pervasive and relentless assault on Jewish identity,” the Washington Free Beacon reported.

The mainstream media have nevertheless attempted to paint Republicans as anti-Semitic. MSNBC host Joe Scarborough notably invited on notorious anti-Semite Al Sharpton to say Donald Trump and Republicans are “bigots, biased, anti-Semites, racists.”

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