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Kosher products with spicy names: Jew Cub Rub and Rabbi Rub


Dry rubs called “Rabbi Rub” and “Jew Cub Rub” are getting a mixed reaction online.

On Monday, a user posted a photo of the products on a store shelf to the r/Jewish subreddit. The rubs are made by Texas-based Smo’ Better Food.

The photo caused a stir, with some posts finding the self-effacing Jewish humor “extremely weird.”

I wouldn’t choose this name for my products. But I support this and might even buy it to try it. DO NOT CARE what the non-jews think. If this guy is a proud Jew and wants to name his products after his heritage more power to him,” wrote one redditor. 

The rubs are part of a line of products with the same names that also includes jerky and seasoned nuts. 

On the Smo’ Better Food website, the Jew Cub Rub is described as “sweet and spicy” while the Rabbi Rub is a “Texas dry rub with a hint of smoke.”

The website touts chef Alex Bar-Sela as a 25-year veteran of the culinary arts. While the site does not explicitly identify Bar-Sela as Jewish, an Instagram post on the company’s Instagram page celebrates his daughter’s bat mitzvah. 

Representatives for the company did not immediately respond to requests for comment. 

The site also lists both items as kosher.

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