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In 2023, I’m on Operation Make New Friends | Jill Filipovic

Friendships won’t save the world. But they can sure save your sanity, shore up your health and make your life a lot better

Here is a much-needed resolution for many of us in the new year: make new friendships and shore up old ones.

Americans are an increasingly lonely bunch, spending more time solo and on our devices than with others. A decade ago, the average American spent about six and a half hours a week with friends. In 2014, time with friends declined, while time alone shot up. By 2019 – before the pandemic – Americans were spending just four hours a week with friends, a number that tanked in 2021 to two hours and 45 minutes. And it’s not that those hours were going to other people – to kids, spouses or family. As time with friends decreased, time spent alone soared.

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