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Reactions to Reuters report on Nigerian military killing children


Falmata, a Nigerian grandmother in her 50s who told Reuters that Nigerian troops killed three of her grandchildren in the town of Gasarwa during a military operation in 2018, poses for a portrait in an undisclosed location in Nigeria, October 8, 2021. Nigerian military leaders told Reuters the army has never targeted children for killing. REUTERS/Paul Carsten

A Reuters investigation published on Monday revealed that the Nigerian military and allied security forces have slaughtered thousands of children during their gruelling 13-year war against Islamist extremists in the country’s northeast.

Nigerian military leaders have said the army never targeted children for killing.

Here are some reactions to the report:

“It is a matter of immense concern, and we will be raising all the issues … through our High Commissioner in Abuja.”

“We are deeply troubled by the allegations in this report. We are pursuing further information, including from the Government of Nigeria and stakeholders working in this space.

“We are still reviewing the report and will make decisions about next steps thereafter.

“Our Embassy in Abuja is seeking additional information, including by speaking to Nigerian authorities.”

“Amnesty International is calling on Nigerian authorities to immediately investigate findings of the Reuters news agency report which shows that Nigerian military killed children — regardless of age — in the fight against Boko Haram.

“Latest investigation by Reuters is a wake-up call for Nigerian military to end impunity and ensure the prosecution of those who (have) overseen the widespread torture of people, including children in the northeast.”