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USA Today suspends weekly book bestseller list after layoffs

NEW YORK (AP) — USA Today’s weekly chart of top-selling books is on indefinite hiatus after the newspaper’s parent company, Gannett, laid off the editor in charge of compiling the list that’s closely followed in the publishing industry.

“USA Today’s Books list will be on hiatus for the remainder of the year,” a spokesperson told The Associated Press on Monday. “We will share further updates in 2023.”

Gannett laid off hundreds of staffers earlier this month. Among them was Mary Cadden, who had worked on the list for more than a decade.

The newspaper drew upon hardcover, paperback and e-book sales from a wide range of outlets, including independent stores and online retailers, to put together 150 bestselling books from a given week. USA Today’s list has been highly valued by authors, agents and publishers, who also look to lists from The New York Times and, among others.