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Ukrainian forces hit three Russian command centers, five ammunition depots


Units of the rocket forces and artillery of the Defense Forces of Ukraine nowadays struck three command facilities and 5 ammunition depots of the enemy.

The Typical Staff members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine explained this in a submit on Fb, Ukrinform studies.

As of 18:00 on November 17, the enemy launched five aerial attacks and 25 missile strikes, applying numerous rocket launchers a lot more than ten situations.

Russian invaders, violating the norms of global humanitarian legislation, the rules and customs of warfare, released rocket assaults on civilian infrastructure in Dnipro and Odesa, Balakleia in the Kharkiv Oblast, Vilniansk in the Zaporizhzhia area, Nikopol in the Dnipropetrovsk location, and Ochakiv in the Mykolaiv area.

In accordance to specific data, the Ukrainian Defense Forces today shot down two cruise missiles, two guided air missiles and five Shahed-136 unmanned aerial autos in unique directions.

According to the report, a draft legislation is getting prepared in Russia, which provides for the legalization of conscription for armed forces provider from the spring of 2023 for citizens of Ukraine who reside in quickly occupied territories and have acquired Russian passports.

According to offered details, about 650 prisoners ended up recruited in Russian penal colonies in the previous 7 days. They had been sent to the Rostov region for more schooling. Health-related help to the specified classification of individuals, in situation of injuries, will be supplied completely in health care services in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

In some populated facilities in the quickly occupied territory in the Luhansk location, the enemy intensified administrative and police measures. In unique, entry to the settlement of Rubizhne from Kreminna and Varvarivka has been closed. The motion of civilians in the city has been limited and filtration actions have been strengthened.

In Mariupol, the invading authorities program to deploy models of the Russian Guard, special objective and swift reaction forces, with a complete selection of up to 400 people today.

Russian troops continue the compelled evacuation of the populace of Ukraine and the elimination of residence from the temporarily occupied territories of the Kherson region. In particular, on the night time of November 16, the invaders forcibly drove the population out of Novokyivka. In addition, the central town clinic in Nova Kakhovka ceased to purpose simply because all healthcare machines and ambulances have been stolen and taken to the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

Models of the rocket troops and artillery of the Defense Forces of Ukraine today hit 3 command centers, 17 areas of focus of manpower, weapons and military services gear, 5 ammunition warehouses and a few other important targets of the enemy.

Image: Standard Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

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