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September 29, 2022 5:07 pm

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Washington Blade: LGBTQ News, Politics, LGBTQ Rights, Gay News: Transgender man attacked during Pride event in Germany dies

A transgender man who was attacked at a Pride event in Germany last weekend has died.

Deutsche Welle reported Malte C. on Aug. 27 was defending two women at a Pride event in Münster, a city in western Germany, from a man who was harassing them. The man then began to punch Malte C. Deutsche Welle reported Malte C. fell to the ground and lost consciousness.

Trans*-Inter*-Münster, a local advocacy group who said Malte C. was one of its members, in a Facebook post said he suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and had been in a coma at a hospital. 

Malte C. died on Friday.

Deutsche Welle reported police have detained the man suspected of attacking Malte C.

“We are shocked and saddened,” said Trans*-Inter*Münster in its Facebook post. 

The Lesbian and Gay Association in Germany (Lesben- und Schwulenverbandes in Deutschland in German) also condemned the murder.

“This misanthropic attack is an anti-queer hate crime that makes us angry and saddened,” said Andre Lehmann, a member of the Lesbian and Gay Association in Germany’s national board of directors, in a statement. “We call on the investigating authorities to immediately name and classify this act as an anti-LGBTI hate crime.”

“The attack was not triggered by the young man’s efforts to mediate, as stated in a joint press release by the Münster police and public prosecutor’s office today, but by the deeply inhumane attitude of the perpetrator,” added Lehmann. “This act shows once again how much we need action plans against transphobia and homophobia.”

Sven Lehmann, the German government’s queer commissioner, is among those who also expressed outrage over Malte C’s murder.

“Malte died after a hate attack at CSD (Christopher Street Day) Münster. I am stunned and sad ,” tweeted Sven Lehmann. “My condolences and deepest sympathies go out to his family and friends. Violence against queer people is a threat we all need to confront.”

Nach einer Hassattacke beim CSD Münster ist #Malte verstorben. Ich bin fassungslos + traurig. Mein Beileid + tiefes Mitgefühl gilt seinen Angehörigen + Freund*innen. Gewalt gegen queere Menschen ist eine Bedrohung, der wir alle uns entgegen stellen müssen.

— Sven Lehmann (er/he) (@svenlehmann) September 2, 2022

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Queerty: 8 queer comedians on the rise that you need to be following immediately

Screenshot: Youtube, ‘Zach & Drew’

One of the best spots to catch up-and-coming queer talent in New York is Club Cumming, an intimate, cabaret-style club for comedy, drag and more… owned and operated by Alan Cumming (which perhaps clears up the raunchy sounding venue name).

Yes, the celebrated actor of stage and screen—and all-around queer icon—has made the East Village locale a go-to destination for locals, tourists, and anyone hoping to get an up-close-and-personal show from some of the next big names in entertainment.

Thankfully, for those not in the NYC Metropolitan area, the magic of Club Cumming is coming straight into your homes this weekend via a new Showtime stand-up special, Club Cumming Presents A Queer Comedy Extravaganza.

Related: 5 queer male comedians making stand-up a more accepting (and hilarious) place

The special is hosted by Cumming himself, and the line-up features seven LGBTQ acts on the rise. Collectively, this exciting roster of talent represents “not only the diversity of the queer spectrum, but also of comedy styling—from stand-up to characters to musical performances.”

Ahead of the special’s premiere, we’ve assembled a quick rundown of each of these queer entertainers, letting you know a little bit more about them and sharing some of our favorite work of theirs, whether it be tweets, a TikTok, a music video, or just some darn good stand-up.

Watch the trailer for Club Cumming Presents A Queer Comedy Extravaganza below—which premiere Friday, Sep. 2 @ 10pm on Showtime—and then read on below to learn about these eight queer comedians you need to know.

Joe Castle Baker


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A post shared by joe castle baker (@joecastlebaker)

This comedian/actor/writer has been called “The Mr. Bean Of Bushwick” in Interview Magazine thanks to his absurdist twists on modern culture and ability to expertly skewer the language of the internet. Recently, he’s been seen on The Other Two and in the apocalyptic final season of Search Party.

@joecastlebaker #gay #LizzosBigGrrrls ♬ Blade Runner 2049 – Synthwave Goose

Julia Shiplett


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A post shared by julia shiplett (@juliashiplett)

Shiplett is an accomplished comic and writer who has taken her incisive, hilarious stand-up act across the country. Her written work has appeared in The New Yorker and McSweeney’s, she’s appeared in High Maintenance and Love Life, and she’s been named one of Comedy Central’s Up Next comedians.

Zach Teague & Drew Lausch


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A post shared by Zach Teague (@zachteague)

This comedy duo has made a name for themselves with their variety show Häus Party, a queer fantasia that’s become a New York City staple, incorporating stand-up, drag, live music, dancing and more. Their work’s been featured in The New York TimesGothamist,  and Time Out New York.

Nori Reed


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A post shared by Nori Reed (@norireed)

Reed is an iconic LA-based writer and stand-up comedian who has opened for Amy Poehler, been showcased on HBO Max, had her writing featured in Vogue, and has even been turned into a Bratz doll. Recently, her work on season 5 of Raven’s Home introduced the Disney Channel’s first trans character.

My whole vibe is texting a friend “hey sorry for being weird at dinner last nite”

— Nori Reed (@realnorireed) August 26, 2022

Right now you can be employed, healthy, or hot but not all three

— Nori Reed (@realnorireed) June 13, 2022

“How would you feel if you were aborted?”

I don’t know… incredible? Have you experienced being alive?

— Nori Reed (@realnorireed) May 3, 2022

Pat Regan


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A post shared by Pat Regan (@patreegs)

A prolific tweeter and stand-up comedian, Regan is the co-host of of the popular Seek Treatment podcast with bestie Cat Cohen, which has inspired an active fan community of its own. He can be seen on ZIWE, Search Party, and is a writer behind HBO Max’s Emmy Award-winning comedy, Hacks.

Ugh I keep doing the depressed kind of oversleep instead of the restorative kind of oversleep

— pat regan (@poregan) March 13, 2022

Acceptance is the first step of responding to an email. Responding to an email is NOT a linear journey. It is a process that can last years or even for the rest of your life.

— pat regan (@poregan) April 6, 2022

When youre in a conversation with someone at an event i wish you could ask them “what is an example of something i can say to you right now??”

— pat regan (@poregan) August 28, 2022

Larry Owens


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A post shared by LARRY OWENS (@larryowenslive)

Owens is a musical theater legend with the mind of a comic and voice you won’t forget. His credits include High Maintenance, Abbott Elementary, a buzzy solo show at Carnegie Hall called “Sondheimia,” plus he originated that lead role in A Strange Loop off-Broadway, which eventually went on to win the Tony Award for Best Musical.

Related: Unapologetically big, Black and beautiful, ‘A Strange Loop’ has changed the face of Broadway

255834 Queerty

Gay Links Black Trans Woman Dede Ricks Killed in Detroit; Suspect Arrested

Dede Ricks

Ricks is the second Detroit trans woman to die by violence within a month.


Gay Links Jason Aldean Dropped From PR Firm After Wife’s Transphobic Comments

Jason Aldean and wife Brittney Kerr

And Brittney Kerr Aldean is trying to defend them…yet again.


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Washington Blade: LGBTQ News, Politics, LGBTQ Rights, Gay News: Campaign launched to support former Casa Ruby employees

The D.C. Center for the LGBT Community and D.C.’s Capital Pride Alliance announced on Friday that they have launched a campaign to raise funds to assist former employees of Casa Ruby, the local LGBTQ community services center that closed its operations last month following the loss of most of its D.C. government funding.

“The recent shuttering of Casa Ruby has traumatized its employees and clients,” a joint statement released by the D.C. Center and Capital Pride Alliance, which organizes D.C.’s annual LGBTQ Pride events, says. “Before the shutdown, employees went unpaid for six to eight weeks, with some continuing to work without pay to help transition and support the youth and clients,” the statement says.

The statement was referring to one of Casa Ruby’s main programs that provided housing and other assistance to homeless LGBTQ youth, with a special outreach to the transgender community.

“It is imperative that the integral and glorious humans of Casa Ruby feel a sense of reciprocity from our community, meaning the immense care and support that they have provided to our community members in need — selflessly and without compensation — should be reciprocated ten-fold during this extremely dire chapter of their lives,” Kimberly Bush, the D.C. Center’s executive director, said in the statement.

“The funds will provide immediate support to help them pay for rent, groceries, and transportation,” the statement continues. “They will also be connected to resources such as case management, counseling, and workforce development programs,” it says. “Most importantly, the former Casa Ruby employees need new jobs, and quite critically, jobs that break down barriers that prevent LGBTQ+ youth, especially Trams women of color, from becoming employed,” the statement says.

The statement says the D.C. Center and Capital Pride Alliance are working with the Wanda Alston Foundation, which a D.C. Superior Court judge selected as the Casa Ruby receiver, to disseminate the funds to the former employees “fairly and equitably through a transparent process.”

The judge that named the Alston Foundation as the Casa Ruby receiver on Aug. 12 directed the foundation to submit to the court by Sept. 13 a written report on the status of Casa Ruby’s assets and liabilities and a recommendation on whether it could resume its services and operations or be shut down permanently.

The decision by the court to place Casa Ruby in receivership came after the Office of the D.C. Attorney General determined following an investigation that Casa Ruby and its founder and former executive director, Ruby Corado, had violated the D.C. Nonprofit Corporations Act.

Judge Danya Dayson stated in her decision to approve the receivership that the Attorney General’s office established in its findings that Casa Ruby under Corado’s leadership violated the Act by failing to maintain a lawfully constituted board of directors and failing to maintain control and oversight of the organization.

Dayson said Casa Ruby also violated the statute by permitting Corado “to have exclusive access to bank and PayPal accounts held in the name of, or created to benefit, Casa Ruby, and permitted Corado to expend hundreds of thousands of dollars of nonprofit funds without board oversight for unknown reason.”

Some of the former employees have said Corado has been spending most of her time in El Salvador over the past year and could not be reached in recent months. Corado spoke at an Aug. 11 virtual court hearing through a phone hookup when the receivership issue was discussed, but she did not say where she was calling from.

June Crenshaw, the Alston Foundation’s executive director, couldn’t immediately be reached to determine whether she and others working on the receivership have determined whether Casa Ruby’s operations can be resumed and if some of the former employees can be rehired.

“I am thrilled that Capital Pride Alliance and the D.C. Center are using their platforms and resources to help the incredible former staff of Casa Ruby,” Crenshaw said in the statement released by the two groups. “We are all in this together and helping our vulnerable community members is a cause worth supporting,” she said. 

The statement released by the groups says the fundraising campaign for the former Casa Ruby employees is being supported by Wegmans, Impulse Group DC, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, and the Different Drummers’ Marching Band.

The statement says donations can be made through this site:

The post Campaign launched to support former Casa Ruby employees appeared first on Washington Blade: LGBTQ News, Politics, LGBTQ Rights, Gay News.

472841 Washington Blade: LGBTQ News, Politics, LGBTQ Rights, Gay News

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Queerty: This Black trans woman is taking on Hostess, and those Ho-Hos may have messed with the wrong one

After multiple alleged instances of discrimination and an untimely firing, former Hostess employee Danyell Wallace is ready to let the snack cake company have it.

Wallace, a Black trans woman, was fired during Pride month in a move that she believes was unjust.

That termination was apparently just the tip of the discrimination iceberg that she and her coworkers faced at the Chicago bakery.

“Supervisors insulted me to co-workers,” she tells the Chicago Tribune. “Other times, it took the form of gossip that was indulged by supervisors.”

Wallace chose to use a single-stall women’s restroom out of fear for her safety in the more common restroom areas. Apparently, this move made her the target of “stressful and humiliating” remarks by other employees and supervisors.

She also alleged that the management engaged in segregational practices, relegating the Black workers to a second shift and queer workers to a specific second fryer line in that same shift. She says that this area was singled out for discipline in ways that other areas and shifts were not.

Related: Washington woman who screamed obscenities at trans YMCA employee somehow shocked at being banned

Wallace initially filed an internal with Hostess, but her termination was upheld by the company. That’s when it became time for her to make some noise.

She got in touch with the Black Workers Matter organization, who once again attempted to remedy the situation with the company without legal action back in July. After further inactivity from Hostess, they’re set to take their case to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

According to Black Workers Matter organizer Dan Giloth, the group is set to approach the EEOC about at least two other Hostess workers.

Garland Rose, a bisexual former employee at the location, says he was also fired during Pride month and is now homeless as a result.

He was reportedly fired for taking donuts home without proper sign-off. He says that this practice is openly commonplace among employees, but brought specific punishment to him due to his orientation.

“It’s very unfair for anyone, whether you’re straight, gay or bisexual, to have to come to work and feel discriminated against and uncomfortable,” he says. “It’s just not right.”

Related: This Christian thrift store asks all job applicants how they feel about LGBTQ+ people

Black Workers Matter brought together a press conference earlier this week to bring attention to the situation and announce Wallace’s complaint to the EEOC

In addition to organizers and employees, the press conference brought out Audrey Harding, legislative director for Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson.

Harding read a statement from the commissioner voicing his support for her challenge of the company.

“For far too long, Black employees at this plant have suffered racist abuse, firings and retaliation for speaking out and demanding basic fairness and humanity from their bosses,” the statement read. “That must stop.”

“There was a policy and practice of hostility toward workers in my area based on my gender identity and sexual orientation,” Wallace writes in her complaint.

Addressing the press conference crowd, she assures, “I’m not doing this just for myself, but for other workers as well.”

255834 Queerty

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Queerty: Charlie Puth’s smells, Yungblud’s Durex endorsement & more: Your weekly bop roundup

Welcome to the weekend, Queerty readers! Can you smell what the bop is cookin’?

It’s been a long week, and it seems like it’s had folks feeling pretty sensitive: JK Rowling spent all week backpedaling, Sarah Palin felt the defeat in Alaska, and Lea Michele was appalled when her friends read her all the Twitter jokes.

This weeks drops were a little more sensitive than usual, too — mostly we mean introspective, though one of the entries did add in a little extra sensation of the physical kind.

From self-reflection to extra protection, here’s your weekly bop roundup:

“Smells Like Me” by Charlie Puth

Charlie loves nothing more than a heavily layered vocal on a synthpop ballad (other than getting a little thotty for the masses, that is). This definitely isn’t a huge departure for the post-Voicenotes sound he’s cultivated in “Girlfriend” or “Light Switch”, but it’s a perfectly fun sadboy bop to tide us over til Charlie drops in October. And you know what? We hope your jacket smells like Charlie Puth, too.

“Tissues” by YUNGBLUD

Yungblud’s uber-energetic persona is right at home in this take on The Cure’s “Close To Me”. The video amps the excitement up to eleven, with queer bar/cinema scenes and some highly kinetic camerawork. Also amping up the excitement is the adorably on-the-nose Durex product placement smack dab in the middle of the video. Hopefully the one he hands off to the pair next to him isn’t the same one provocatively hanging from his lips in the next shot — we don’t need any teeth punctures.

“When Someone Loves You” by Emeli Sandé and Nile Rodgers

Following an adorable coming out back in April, Emeli Sandé is in full musical effect. Her subsequent album, Let’s Say For Instance, was equal parts engaging and expansively ballad-ous. “When Someone Loves You”, on the other hand, is a disco dancing good time that would make a perfect double feature with Alex Newell’s “Kill The Lights”. Joining her on the track is groove icon Nile Rodgers, and his guitar solo bumps this whole thing up yet another notch.

“In Sensitivity” by Puppy Angst

Indie outfit Puppy Angst — literally “puppy love but a lil more sad” on their bandcamp — seems to know just how to nail that After Laughter “hurt lyrics/happy sound” effect. As turned inwards as the track is, they somehow manage to make “i’ve cried every day this week” and “happiness is hard for me” sound like a good time with friends. A good amount of that sounds owed to the charming vocals of they/them frontperson Alyssa Milman, but like any good band, it’s a group effort.

“Sting” by Fletcher

The girls still haven’t fully recovered from “Becky’s So Hot”, but apparently Fletcher has decided not to let anyone breathe. Fletcher’s catalogue has developed a little bit of a sapphic Sour effect, where the lore behind her public relationship gives the tracks a little extra spice, but her darker pop stylings on this track hold up whether you’re familiar with the backstory or not. As a total aside, something about the sound of “Sting” makes one remember why her Hayley Kiyoko collab worked so well — hopefully another lies in our future.

Join us back here this time next week for another bop after bop!

255834 Queerty

Gay Links California Could Become Refuge for Trans Youth Seeking Care

Gavin Newsom

Lawmakers have sent Gov. Gavin Newsom a bill that would help young people from hostile states receive gender-affirming care in California.


Gay Links Jason Aldean Dropped From PR Firm After Wife’s Transphobic Comments

Jason Aldean and wife Brittney Kerr

And Brittney Kerr is trying to defend them…yet again.


Gay Links Trans Man Killed During Pride Parade, Suspect Arrested

Malte, a trans man who was killed in Munster, Germany at a Pride parade

A 25-year-old transgender man who was attacked during Münster, Germany’s Christopher Street Day celebration last weekend has died after being violently attacked.