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September 29, 2022 4:48 pm

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Queerty: The CDC just rolled back a bunch of COVID guidelines and folks are joking to keep from screaming

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The latest changes to the COVID guidelines out of the CDC have left some joking that they’ve given up entirely.

Official changes to coronavirus precautions were released yesterday, with an even more lax handling of exposures and vaccination:

The update isn’t a huge overhaul of the existing guidance, but it does represent an increasing focus on individuals making their own decisions about their level of risk and how they want to mitigate that risk, said Dr. Marcus Plescia, chief medical officer for the @ASTHO.

— NPR (@NPR) August 11, 2022

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A good number of updates have already been made loosening the reins on pandemic precautions in the past couple years, so this move isn’t so much a surprise as a frustration for some.

Doubly frustrating is this move’s timing, as many feel that the new health emergency of Monkeypox is also being highly mishandled.

All of this together has a lot of folks firing off jokes to hold it together.

To be fair, some of the jokes really hit:

“So that’s it — after two and a half years of the pandemic — ‘so long, good luck’”?

CDC: “I don’t recall saying good luck”

— meghan b. kelly (@meghanbkelly) August 11, 2022

“No worries if not!” – the new CDC covid guidelines

— Julia Claire (@ohJuliatweets) August 12, 2022

New CDC guidelines just dropped

— Zac Thompson (@ZacBeThompson) August 11, 2022

the cdc telling all of us to just vibe with covid three seconds after the president of the united states was kept in a sealed tomb for like a month until he tested negative is really something

— Jack Mirkinson (@jackmirkinson) August 11, 2022

CDC like “nibble a little tide pod if you want, you deserve a treat”

— alexandra j. roberts (@lexlanham) August 11, 2022

Year three of COVID and the CDC straight up said if you die breathing the air that’s on you

— Rahawa Haile (@RahawaHaile) August 11, 2022

It appears that the Center for Disease has given up on Control & Prevention

— Jess Davidson (@DavidsonJess22) August 11, 2022

cdc says go head and eat the silica packet

— Kenny Keil (@kennykeil) August 11, 2022

CDC says licking toilets is probably okay as long as you get to work on time

— Evan Greer (@evan_greer) August 11, 2022

few know that cdc ~actually~ stands for Covid Distribution Center

— muna (@Muna_Mire) August 11, 2022

Heck, even COVID thinks they’re gone a bit too lax:

Wait, the CDC just gave up?

— COVID (@covidlikes) August 12, 2022

I know I should be happy about the CDC throwing in the towel, but there is a certain ennui to finally defeating my greatest frenemy.

— COVID (@covidlikes) August 12, 2022

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