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September 26, 2022 6:26 am

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Towleroad Gay News: ‘I Want To Release These Voice Recordings So Bad’: NeNe Leakes Tears Into Andy Cohen As Discrimination Lawsuit Turns Nasty

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Radar Online
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Ex-Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes revealed she has secret recordings that she wants to release to the public as her nasty fight with Bravo and Andy Cohen continues in court, Radar has learned.

The 54-year-old iconic reality star unleased this morning on Twitter on the network and her former boss.

She said, “I am happy I was able to help all the other black women get job opportunities that are working for them. He stopped me from working because I was a threat to his career! Yet he was able to abuse me for years.”

NeNe ended, “I want to release these voice recordings so bad.”

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The reality star then re-tweet the message, “Andy used you until he wanted to kick you to the curb and then slander you so you couldn’t obtain any further work. It’s so disappointing and it is definitely different than how he treats other housewives he disagrees with or has parted ways with.”

Another message she supported read, “Andy high key used her popular to benefit off of to build his celebrity up and when he didn’t feel like he needed Nene anymore, she was gone, and he’s started to strategically befriend other popular names instead until their popularity starts to fade away.”

As previously reported, earlier this year, NeNe sued Bravo, Andy and the production companies behind Real Housewives of Atlanta accusing them of discrimination.

NeNe said she complained about her white co-star Kim Zolciak making alleged racist remarks over the years but nothing was done. Instead, she claimed the execs took action against her and made life hard during filming. She said they also told her to stop speaking about Kim publicly after she called her out on Instagram.

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In the lawsuit, Nene said Andy and the network went out of their way to “blackball” her in the industry after she spoke out about the incidents on RHOA.

She said they refused to let her work on other projects, unlike other cast members. NeNe pointed to a specific deal she was working on with Sirius XM radio.

She said Andy “interfered with, and sabotaged, this effort.”

“Cohen has admitted that he told Sirius XM that Mrs. Leakes would demand a lot of money for any role on a radio show, an obvious effort to prevent her from getting such a deal,” the suit read.

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As first reported, NeNe and the defendants are currently fighting on where the lawsuit will be fought. Andy and the other corporate defendants have demanded the battle be taken to arbitration which would be outside the public eye.

The court has yet to rule.

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