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The Gay Land

June 25, 2022 9:16 pm

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1. Gay News

Queerty: Luke Evans’ next role will involve some serious wood

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Hunky actor Luke Evans has just announced his next role. Evans will reteam with Walt Disney Pictures and Oscar-winning director Robert Zemeckis for a live-action adaptation of the Disney animated classic Pinocchio.

Based on the novel by Italian author Carlo Colodi, Pinocchio tells the story of a wooden puppet brought to life by magic. In order to become a real, flesh & blood little boy, Pinnochio goes on a series of adventures to prove himself worthy of life.

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Evans, for his part, will step into the key role of The Coachman, a seductive villain who lures Pinocchio to the hedonistic world of Pleasure Island. There he intends to transform Pinocchio into a donkey and sell him into a life of slavery.

Evans joins actor Tom Hanks, who will take on the role of Pinocchio’s father, Geppetto. The film doesn’t have a set release date as of yet, though the studio has announced it will go straight to the streaming service Disney+ in lieu of a theatrical release.

Luke Evans previously appeared in another live-action adaptation of a Disney animated classic, Beauty and the Beast as Gaston. He will next appear in the British television miniseries The Pembrokeshire Murders.


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