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Queerty: #NoFlyList videos of sobbing domestic terrorists being arrested on airplanes are going viral

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It was a bad weekend for domestic terrorists in the United States.

Not only was their beloved Parler app booted from its hosting services, but a whole bunch of them who participated in last week’s insurrection on the U.S. Capitol found themselves in deep trouble when they got to the airport.

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Videos of MAGA militia members being kicked off airplanes and/or arrested in airports around the country have started popping up on social media. And, folx, there a tons of them…

Pretty soon hashtags like #NoFlyList and #TerroristTears were trending. People cannot seem get enough of these videos, which have garnered millions and millions of views in a matter of days.

And now, the responses…

In the mood for a few more #NoFlyList videos? Alright, fine…

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