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The Gay Land

June 28, 2022 11:00 pm

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1. Gay News

Queerty: Filipino police arrest 3 “gay” men in connection with rape & murder of female flight attendant

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The plot thickens in the mysterious death of 23-year old flight attendant Christine Dacera: police in the Philippines arrested three men in connection with her rape and murder. Now, a potential suspects in the case has made a stunning admission: they’re all gay.

The background: Dacera checked into a hotel in Makati City, the Phillipines on New Year’s Eve with three men, all co-workers. The group had planned to celebrate the holiday together. Security footage from the hotel shows Dacera partying with 11 different men throughout the evening.

In the early hours of the morning, one of the men attending the gathering, Gregorio de Guzma–the son of well-known Filipino singer Claire dela Fuente–discovered Dacera passed out in a bathtub. He attempted to perform CPR on her before taking her to the hospital. Dacera died shortly thereafter.

Police have since asserted that Dacera had lacerations to her genitals, and that examiners discovered sperm on her body, suggesting that she had been a victim of sexual assault. Officers subsequently arrested the men spotted checking into the hotel with Dacera–John Pascual Dela Serna III, Rommel Galido and John Paul Halili–charging all three with rape and murder. The other men from the party, including de Guzma, have been labed “suspects at large” but not arrested.

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Gregario de Guzma, however, asserts that the men at the party couldn’t have raped Dacera: they’re all gay.

“How did it become rape? I am gay. I never had sex with any woman ever in my life,” de Guzma told  ABS-CBN TV. “Every one of [the men at the party] was gay,” he further asserted. “My impression of her was she liked to hang out with us, LGBT members. She was comfortable with us. The entire time she was really comfortable with every one of us.”

Police have since released Dela Serna, Galido and Halili following an autopsy of Dacera. Said examination revealed that she died of an aneurysm. The medical examiner also found no semen on her body.

“No evidence medically or scientifically was presented to prove that the cause of death or the rupture of aortic aneurysm was by reason of the alleged rape,” the report stated. “Likewise, if homicide was committed, the person/s responsible is/are yet to be ascertained through further evidence.”

CNN now reports that, despite the report and the sexual orientation of the suspects, Philippine National Police Chief Gen. Debold Sinas has vowed to “hunt down” the suspects in Dacera’s death, and continues to assert that she was raped and killed. He also claims that the aneurysm that killed Dacera was brought on by sexual assault.

The family of Dacera, meanwhile, has also called for a second autopsy.

Suspects in Dacera case being released – January 6, 2021 (Wednesday)

BREAKING: We are live at the Makati City Police Office, where the suspects in the Dacera case are being released

Posted by CNN Philippines on Wednesday, January 6, 2021


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