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‘The Cockettes: Acid Drag & Sexual Anarchy’ (Image courtesy Fayette Hauser)

The holidays this year are going to be, well, unique.

Some family members won’t be there. Others are coming, regardless of whatever’s going on in the country. Still others are sending their regards and a box of presents, which is something you might do, too. And here’s the good news: books are easy to wrap, easy to box, and easy to ship. Why not try one of these great books for that person who can’t make it to your table this holiday season?

For the person who craves a thriller, “These Violent Delights” by Micah Nemerever is the gift to give. It’s a novel of two young men who meet at college and soon become obsessed with one another in different ways. But one is cruel, the other is fearful, and you know this ain’t good.

The person on your gift list who loves drag will love “The Cockettes: Acid Drag & Sexual Anarchy” from the archives of Fayette Hauser. It’s a lavishly illustrated 50-year anniversary look at drag and the counterculture, and it’s absolutely for grown-ups.

If your giftee is a die-hard, conference-attending, never-miss-an-appearance fan, then wrap up “Conventionally Yours” by Annabeth Albert. It’s the story of a road trip, two fierce hate-fests, one romance, and two fanboys, but who’s the biggest? Wrap it up with “Date Me, Bryson Keller” by Kevin van Whye for double the love.

Here’s something unique: “They Say Sarah” by Pauline Delabroy-Allard is a best-seller in France, and a skinny book that your giftee won’t be able to stop reading. It’s the story of a single mother who’s living in Paris with her child. The woman has a boyfriend but one New Year’s Eve, she meets a woman who changes everything. Pair it with something nonfiction, like “I’ve Been Wrong Before” by Evan James, a book of essays on life, coming out, relationships, and more.

Fans of biographies will want to unwrap “Mama’s Boy” by Dustin Lance Black. Black, a screenwriter and activist tells the story of his childhood, having been raised by a single mother who suffered a lifetime of almost insurmountable issues, and how they came to terms with everything they’d endured together. Pair it with “Daddy” by Michael Montlack, a book of essays on this and that and the other.

Another great memoir, “Later: My Life at the Edge of the World” by Paul Lisicky, the story of finding a place to settle down, and watching an epidemic as it changes that newly beloved place.

The starwatcher on your list will love “Inside the Hollywood Closet: A Book of Quotes” by Boze Hadleigh. It’s a who’s who and a what-was-what that looks back at who said what about life as a gay star, and it’s fun.

The reader who wants something unique will enjoy “The Last Alias: True Stories and a Tale That Might Be” by Ste7en Foster (and no, that’s no typo). As humans, we are many different things. This book will make you think: who are YOU?

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‘Mama’s Boy’ by Dustin Lance Black addresses his childhood. (Blade file photo by Michael Key)

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