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The Gay Land

June 29, 2022 5:26 am

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1. Gay News

Queerty: Blind items about that closety pop star, icky Broadway actor and smarmy businessman!

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Michael Musto

Screw on your designer thinking caps and gird your loins for my sizzling blind gossip items, where the racy clues help you figure out the naughty news.

First of all: Which comely male pop star and that cute female pop star he’s supposedly dating happen to stay in separate suites when they travel? Adding fuel to the flaming is the fact that a friend of a friend recently told me he had a Grindr hookup in Vegas with the pop star (the comely male one, that is)! Wow. Sounds like he’s very bi-curious.

Also: Remember that gay New York entrepreneur who got in deep shit for several “events” he threw—one a skanky fundraiser and the other a disastrous soiree? Well, he’s still luring people on Grindr for activities that look about as safe as taking a bath with a plugged-in toaster. Some things never change in the world of gay Republicans.

Speaking of which: What star of two hit Broadway musicals has gone all right-wing conspiracy on us, spouting rants about how Covid restrictions that prohibit his church antics are not about safety, they’re actually power plays? So does that mean authorities have also shut down theater, cabaret, and nightlife for no good reason except to be bullies, as Covid cases soar in places where they ignore the rules? Really????

Related: What’s next for the Tiger King kingpin, this Trump-loving drag queen and Boxers NYC?

And guess what TV personality/comic Scott Nevins replied to this dude on Twitter? Free answer: “To be able to go from sucking d*ck on the DL to praising Jesus and voting for Trump—that is some Tony-worthy range right there.”

Moving on to a straight Republican: Which Trump Toadie, who’s been pretty much true blue (or red) as he’s crawled up Twitler’s ass, confides in friends that he actually detests the man? Who doesn’t?

And now, allow me to segue to an actual name, please—albeit a tarnished one. I‘ll start by asking “Mary, Did You Know?”—to name one noted Kristine W cover song. If you didn’t, I’ll lay it out for you. Earlier this year, long-running dance diva Kristine W got busted for some right wing-leaning posts on her Facebook page, which were then taken down, after which Kristine blamed the person who runs her page while assuring everyone (via an interview) that she’s not pro-Trump and her kids are pro-gay.

But two sources who’ve worked with Kristine came forward to tell me that she does indeed favor Trump. [Allegedly, she initially told friends, “We should try something different. Maybe a businessman would be better”). What’s more, her house has sported Trump flags, and it’s only partly because her kids adore the guy. (I’m not sure how that makes them pro-LGBTQ, by the way.) Kristine has done a lot for our community, but loving us with one hand and dissing us with the other would be like offering a communal toast of champagne and cyanide. But Lady W swears she’s on our team all the way, so I’m hoping against hope that our relationship will “Fly Again.”

Let me end with another bossy blindie: What queer twentysomething actress always takes a weighted pause after each question in phone interviews, so her publicist can feed her the answer and make sure she won’t say any more stuff that will get her dragged on social media?

Ah, I say let her rip. The little fucker is much more fun without a filter!

Michael Musto is known for having written the long-running “La Dolce Musto” column in the Village Voice, for having written four books (including the nonfiction guide “Downtown” and the roman-a-clef “Manhattan on the Rocks”), and for having appeared as a TV commentator on topics both pop-cultural and political. He’s at @mikeymusto on Twitter.


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